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White Turf, a unique, exclusive, top-class event with exciting horse-racing, gourmet catering, lively music and inspiring art exhibitions, all taking place in winter sunshine on the frozen lake among the stunningly beautiful, snow-capped mountains of St Moritz. Read more

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Lakes and mountains of the year-round destination Engadine St. Moritz offer countless opportunities for summer activities. However, we look forward to the winter; in exactly 191 days, the first horses will gallop across the frozen lake of St. Moritz. The White Turf races will be held on 12th, 19th and 26th February 2017, and the Night Turf will take place for the third time on 24th February – save the date!


White Turf Promovideo 2017

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White Turf St. Moritz – Surrounded by the shimmering landscapes of the world famous spa resort, this exclusive signature event knows how to delight year after year.

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Credit Suisse, BMW (Schweiz) AG and LONGINES, the three principal White Turf sponsors, identify themselves with this exceptional event and take advantage of it also as a platform for their clientele, and play an active role in shaping its social aspect.

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White Turf 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming you to another series of exciting races in 2018.

Dates: 4th, 11th and 18th February 2018


White Turf cooperates with Pardubice Racecourse in the Czech Republic

White Turf started a cooperation with Pardubice Racecourse in the Czech Republic in June 2016. As a result, the ‘Grand Prix White Turf St. Moritz’ flat race over 3,200m will be taking place for the first time on Pardubice Racecourse on 8th October. In return, the president and CEO and the whole White Turf team are looking forward to the Pardubice Racecourse flat race over 1,800m on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, which is scheduled for the first racing Sunday on 12th February 2017.
The valuable cooperation with Pardubice Racecourse in the Czech Republic complements further, longstanding White Turf partnerships. The international cooperation enhances the corporate image of worldwide horseracing as well as the significance of White Turf. Furthermore, along with the sporting aspect, it encourages tourism, cultural exchange and the spirit of mutual esteem.

Since 1907, the White Turf and the Partynice Racecourse Wrocław in Poland execute horse-races. But this is not the only commonality - on Sunday the 19th June 2016 at 14.50 p.m. the Grand Prix White Turf St. Moritz was hold on the Wroclaw Racecourse. Our White Turf delegation was live on site.

Cooperation between White Turf and the Jockey Club of Turkey, Large delegation from Istanbul

The flat race ‘GP Christoffel Bau Trophy supported by the Jockey Club of Turkey’ run over 1,600 m and carrying 20,000 Swiss Francs of prizemoney, will take place on the second race Sunday, 14th February 2016. The White Turf management board is extremely pleased to welcome a large delegation from the Jockey Club of Turkey in Istanbul to mark the occasion of this race on the frozen lake of St. Moritz! ‘This type of expression of appreciation thrives on reciprocity’, explains White Turf CEO Silvio M. Staub with enthusiasm. He continues, ‘in the spring the theme will be the WHITE Turf of St. Moritz turning into the GREEN Turf of Istanbul’, when the ‘Grand Prix White Turf St. Moritz’ will be held on 15th May 2016 at the Jockey Club of Turkey!

In addition to the longstanding, fruitful partnership with the Berlin-Hoppegarten and Mauritius racetracks, White Turf entered into a new collaboration this year with the ‘Wrocław Racecourse’ in Poland. These valuable partnerships not only focus on the sporting element but also boast cultural events and promote tourism, as well as further highlighting the considerable international importance of White Turf and its global reputation.

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