Executive Commitee Rennverein St. Moritz

Thomas Walther - Tote board President
Gian Peter Niggli - Vice President
Luigi Sala – Tote board Manager
Samuel Schäfli - Tote board Manager
Annina Widmer - Tote board Manager

Board of Management Rennverein St. Moritz

Duri Casty - Racecourse Manager
Franco Costa - Constructions
Gian-Marco Fümm - Head of public area, officials and safety
Nicolò Holinger - Skikjöring Manager
Christoph Raschle - Environmental Officer, public catering Manager
René Schnüriger - Night Turf
Maya Sonderegger - Kassa
Martin Stamm - Finance Manager
Andi Wyss - Tote board Manager

Mandate White Turf St. Moritz

GAMMACATERING AG, Peter Gamma - VIP-Catering
WOEHRLE PIROLA AG, Claudia Grasern-Woehrle - Press Office
Sport Mind AG, René Schnüriger - Head of Sponsoring
Georges Stahel - Active support


Nelly Daeniker - Accounting
Sabine Mathys - Administration, Sales & Support

Office racing days

Eliza Castioni - Secretary

Skikjöring commission

Nicolò Holinger - President Skikjöring

Gian Peter Niggli – Starter
Franco Moro – Active participant
Hans-Peter Sorg - Member racing management, Skikjöring
Adrian Staub - Member racing management, Skikjöring

Support in foreign countries

VAE - Elisabeth Zindel
France & Germany - Andi Wyss

White Turf Logo

White Turf® - A protected trademark
in ownership of Rennverein St. Moritz

Rennverein St. Moritz
Via Aruons 29, CH-7500 St. Moritz
Phone +41 81 833 84 60, E-Mail: info@whiteturf.ch